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Poolside Manor prides itself on the quality of the swimming services it offers, from term-time tuition for children and parents & toddlers, to adults and school groups of all abilities, to holiday crash courses and membership swimming.

When you choose Poolside Manor you make a conscious decision to join London’s leading independent swimming tuition centre that puts the safety, comfort, happiness and progress of you and your family first. We are a family owned business.

Poolside Manor is designed and operated to be unique in many ways. Our pool has an extended shallow end to build beginner confidence. The entire pool length is scaled by a purpose-built viewing gallery to bring the experience to life for spectators. The viewing gallery is also home to a beautifully redesigned open plan reception, snack and coffee bar and activity room so that swimmers or siblings can watch television, read or complete their homework. We also provide free WI-FI for all clients, please ask at reception for the passcode.

Outstanding water quality is maintained by regularly refreshing the water rather than adding high levels of chlorine that can irritate skin and breathing disorders. All swimmers are required to wear swim hats to further maintain our water quality. We are unique in heating our pool to a very comfortable 31+ degrees, enabling all customers from babies to the elderly to enjoy their experience all year round.

Poolside Manor is an approved RLSS tuition centre and STA Centre of Excellence. All of our teaching staff hold teaching, first aid and lifeguard qualifications. Our thorough recruitment process combined with our ongoing training programme ensures that we select and retain professional teachers who share our philosophy and values towards teaching; meeting the standards that we demand, and those our clients deserve.

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Our Swimming Philosophy

Poolside Manor has been, and will always continue to be, about swimming. Central to this is our belief in the value of learning to swim, and for seeking constant improvement. We strive to deliver the highest standards of teaching and do so through a recipe of five factors

  • Our careful selection of the finest swimming teachers.
  • Our 1:6 teacher to swimmer ratio averaged across all swimming lessons.
  • Our unique approach to teaching: supporting beginner swimmers in the water.
  • Our ability to adapt to the learning needs of each swimmer as necessary.
  • Our warm, purpose built teaching pool and viewing gallery.

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Our Teaching Programme

All term-time swimming courses run throughout each school term and are typically twelve to fifteen weeks long. We provide lessons seven days per week, both during the day and afterschool. Lessons take a break during half term and end of term holidays, making way for our swimming crash- courses and multi-activity day camps. Each lesson is half an hour long at the same time each week.

Existing clients are able to book on before availability is opened up to sibling and crash course clients and then new clients.

  • Bookings can be made in minutes by telephone. We do not offer an online booking facility so as to ensure each swimmer is placed into the correct class band.
  • Bookings are only made upon full payment and are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Clients who book onto a term after it has begun will receive a price pro-rated for the number of lessons missed and remaining. This is only available for late joiners and not for those who book on time and then miss lessons through any other commitments.

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