PSM Enters Its 30th Year Providing Quality Children’s Swimming Parties

After over a quarter of a century, we continue to offer a fun, friendly and safe environment for your child and guests so you can celebrate with a splash.

poolparties-1Here are just some of the reasons why kid’s parties at Poolside have been consistently popular for such a long time...

  • Our party format incorporates swimming, food and even party games after the pool session for a great all round party experience. So all you have to do is provide refreshments for the children and we take care of everything else. We even supply party invitations if you wish.

Our facilities are perfect for swimmers of all abilities, allowing for a fun, yet safe party setting:

  • We provide around 300 parties every year for up to 30 children a time.
  • We cater for children aged 5 upwards. Even children under 5 are allowed to join in, as long as they are each accompanied by an adult.
  • We can tailor our parties to suit older and younger children with the broad range of activities and pool games we play.
  • Our exciting collection of colourful floats, pool toys and large inflatable octopus means there’s never a dull moment at a Poolside party.

poolparties-2Parties at PSM have always had excellent bather to lifeguard ratios for parents’ peace of mind.

  • At Poolside Manor, safety is paramount. Energetic, enthusiastic lifeguard teams ensure the safest possible environment for your children, yet still maintaining the exciting party atmosphere.
  • All swimmers must wear swim hats. This is part of our strategy to maintain a higher quality of pool water.
  • The deep and shallow end are separated by a ‘no go area’- although most small children will be able to stand up in the shallow end which has a depth of 0.85 metres. So parties with bathers of mixed age and abilities allow for simultaneous fun to be had.
  • All children are swim tested before any games take place. Arm bands are provided free of charge for less able or non – swimmers.

Poolside Manor has always offered great value and availability throughout a rich history of running children’s swimming parties.

  • Parties are available 50 weeks of the year, with six taking place every weekend.
  • Our prices for a two hour party are extremely competitive and include the cost of the facilities (pool/pool play apparatus/ changing rooms/ café area/ activity hall/ample parking) and a team of up to four lifeguards / entertainers.

Our winning formula has proved popular for such a long time, and looks set to continue. If you are interested in booking a children’s party at Poolside to celebrate a birthday or any other occasion, feel free to give us a ring or come in and speak to a receptionist in person.


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