Our Children's Multi-Activity Day Camps are Buzzing!

Record numbers at our Multi Activity Camps...

Multi activity camps are a big part of what we do at Poolside Manor, and they’re getting bigger and better. This year's Summer Break saw a record number of attendees taking part in the action packed programme over the six week period.

New friends were made and new skills were learnt. Even new fun and interesting daytrips took place, all paid for by PSM.

When Daybreak TV phone you and ask if they can vsit our camps to interview some of our children, the answer is "oh yes please!!!" The following morning footage of 6 of our children was broadcast in a prime time slot that focused on the fantastic achievements of our GB Olympians. Imagine the buzz around camp when we all tuned in to see the children taking a prime time morning tv slot. Another day in the life of camps at Poolside.

Our fame didn't stop there. Having taken approximately 70 children to see the Olympic torch pass through Finchley, we followed this up with a really special treat by inviting one of the torch bearers to come to camp to meet the children dressed in his olympic outfit and, yes holding his torch. You can imagine how excited the children were to hold the torch and pose for photos. Trust me, the camp leaders were just as excited!

Natural History Museum
This T –Rex was no match for our budding historians.
The Natural History Museum – one of the many exciting attractions visited on camp this summer.

Riverboat Cruise
The children take in the sites of London on a Thames riverboat excursion.

High Spirits
Moods were high amongst our dudes and divas after the weekly awards ceremony

X Facor Sing-Off
Children and leaders sing along at X Factor round 3!

Swimming Fun
Swimming Fun
Splash! Kids enjoy the daily fun swims at Poolside Manor Camp

Behind all the fun that children have on camp, there is a huge amount of preparation and training that happens to make every experience fun and safe.

During the summer we underwent rigorousOFSTED and BAPA inspections. We are never complacent but were delighted with the results and comments from 2 independent inspectors.

When OFSTED say they are happy to recommend you to others, then you know you are on the right track. When the BAPA inspector describes it as the most organised inspection he's undertaken in the 8 years he has been inspecting, then we do feel rightly proud.

Thank you to all staff for the effort and dedication that you put in to make our camps special for both children and parents.

Why not take advantage of our ever popular camps as we approach the holidays?

Children aged 3-11 can enjoy a fabulous range of exciting activities. All of this is included in the one off price for a week of fun – there are no hidden extra costs. All you have to worry about is a packed lunch each day and we take care of everything else. We start taking bookings for our next camp as soon as the current one opens.

All the latest confirmed Activity Camp dates are available in our Calendar & Schedule and pricing information for the next camp can be found on our Course Dates & Prices Page.  For further information please call our friendly team.


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